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Back in 1989 two designers started work on a revolutionary system to protect gutters from the ingress of leaves and other airborne detritus. It was apparent that none of the products then on the market were proving adequate at stopping leaves from entering the gutter space, a product was needed that would ensure the leaves flowed from the roof over the front edge of the gutter and onto the ground. 

Australian Design Award

In 1991 the Australian Leafscreener won an Australian Design Award for what we believe to be the best system available anywhere in the world for keeping leaves, nuts, animals and other undesirables from entering your guttering. 

15 Year Guarantee

The system was originally offered with a guarantee period of 10 years however, during 2006 inspections of 15 year old installations, the condition of the mesh was so impressive that it was decided to extend the guarantee on the product to an industry leading 15 years. You won't find a better or longer lasting gutter guard product.

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Roof Restorations

Dulux Approved Roof Restorations

Service Includes:

Remove all broken roof tiles that can cause leaks and replace.


Pressure clean the entire roof area from top to bottom using 3000psi water pressure.


Re-point all ridge capping and gables using flexible pointing.  Rebed where necessary. 


Apply Anti Fungal Barrier. (DULUX 500/10 Prep Treat)


Apply one coat of sealer / primer. (DULUX AcraTex Primer Surfacer or Roof Sealer WB)


Apply 2 separate coats of high quality roof paint (DULUX AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane).


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Whatever your guttering issues rest assured we have seen it before and can solve your problems and give you a 10 year guarantee on all work.